World Wide Developers Conference


Tickets are sold out!!

Although tickets for the conference are sold out, Worth Ave. Group is providing you with the latest and greatest updates that are expected to be released during the opening presentation at the World Wide Developers Conference this summer. Many new updates along with new products are expected to be revealed by Apple. Below can be found a variety of these changes to be released just in one week!


OS X: Mountain Lion

Just last February Apple announced Mountain Lion which will be an upgrade from last summer’s OS Lion. When Lion was announced almost 18 months ago, we saw that it would resemble a lot of iOS features that we see on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Most of what we will see in Mountain Lion will look a lot like iOS 5. We will see much more integration with iCloud’s features of Notes, Notifications, iMessage, Reminders, Twitter, Game Center, and my favorite AirPlay Mirroring. Take a look at Apple’s website to learn more.


iOS 6

This iOS update is also known as “sundance” and can be expecting various changes and additions. Apple has created their own mapping system including 3D maps and possible turn-by-turn voice navigation system. Since Apple has created their own mapping application, this will result in a discontinue options for google maps. Another great improvement is the split-screen mode, allowing users to have the option of having multiple applications open at once. More found here.


iTunes Update

The newest version of iTunes has been rumored that it will now be compatible with iOS 6, which might be announced at Apple’s WWDC this June. The update might now integrate with iCloud even more, allowing users to implement features from iCloud via iTunes. Some of these features will start to centralize iTunes features like iTunes Match, iTunes in the Cloud, iCloud backup device, and others. All of these iTunes updates will be internally, but some cosmetic changes will include adding a panel strictly for iCloud. There has not been a set date for the release of the update, but many assume it will be released at WWDC next month. More can be found here.


iCloud Update

The latest version of iCloud is set to be revealed during WWDC this year and there are a few new additions to iTunes to expect in the upcoming version. The notes and reminders applications will be set in order to have notifications, allowing more organization to be available to all users. One of the largest and most anticipated changes to the iCloud is photo sharing. The new photo sharing system will allow all iCloud members to comment and share photos, just like on Facebook and their newly acquired app, Instagram. In addition to the photo sharing members will also be able to sync videos through this version of iCloud. More about WWDC and iCloud rumors can be found here.


Mac Refresh

Once again Apple will most likely refresh their line of Macs for this year: The Macbook Air, MacBook Pro, and the iMac. The biggest update we think here at Worth Ave. Group will be that the entire line of Macs will start to include a Retina display. If you have gotten one of the latest iPhones, iPads or iPod Touches then you’ll know how beautiful the Retina display is on Apple’s wonderfully designed devices. If this is the case, Apple may increase the price of the MacBook Pro by $100 and maybe for the Macbook Air and iMac as well. If Apple uses Retina displays in all their Macs, they will have to make sure the battery life can handle the extra power the Retina display will need. More rumors for the Macbook Pro refresh can be found here.