Now that Verizon has the iPhone 4, the advertisements against AT&T have started.

During the Super Bowl, AT&T and Verizon each had an ad for the iPhone, trying to prove which company has the better network.

AT&T went with the multi-tasking capabilities route with their commercial. AT&T- Answer

Verizon decided to change up their “Can you hear me now?” signature line with “Yes, I can hear you now.” Verizon Test Man with iPhone

What did we really learn from these commercials? That corporate fighting via advertisements will never end.

Each network is better in different areas. If you want to be able to browse the Internet or check your e-mail while on the phone with you long-winded mother, you’ll definitely want to go with AT&T. Download speeds on the Verizon network have already been proven to be slower. When it comes to reliability and call quality, Verizon argues they have the better choice.

Here’s my argument: who’s to say it isn’t the iPhone that causes the dropped calls? I’ve had AT&T since I first got a cell phone back in 2002 and I never noticed a problem with dropped calls until I got the iPhone 3G and now my iPhone 4.

No network is necessarily better than another; it’s based on your needs what network is better. Here in Oklahoma, AT&T rules; in Texas, Verizon.

No matter what network you go with, you will have problems with dropped calls and slow download speeds. Now that two of the major providers have the best smartphone on the market, maybe it will cause them to reevaluate their networks and upgrade them (at least we can hope this will happen).

What all this boils down to: go get an iPhone 4 and research, based on your needs, which network to go with.