iPhone Screen ProtectorLet’s face it iPhones are notoriously famous for being susceptible to screen cracks. The glass screens have no give when it comes to being dropped. Therefore, you should always have a screen protector over your glass to reduce the direct pressure to your screen.

At MacWorld 2011 we met our friends at Clear Protector. They were giving away free protectors to anyone who came by their booth. They adhered the protector for us and we were amazed at how smooth the process was. Within minutes our screen protector was on with absolutely no bubbles. The protector has a Lifetime guarantee and will never yellow, scratch or leave residue. The protector is a ricochet density film originally designed for the military. It is made of a soft core covered by a rigid outer layer. This two layer design prevents scratches, chips, and scuffs. This material has been used successfully in applications ranging from aircraft design to NASCAR.

To date, the screen protector has no scratches, has not peeled up on the corners and is virtually undetectable. Clear Protector manufactures more than just iPhone protectors, they cover everything from cell phones to GPSs to cameras and iPods. So, check them out for all your screen protector needs.

Worth Ave. Group does cover screen cracks should you have one on your iPhone, but why not protect your iPhone two fold, with an insurance policy and a good screen protector.