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Camera Insurance Handycam Camcorder Insurance DSLR Photographer Film Student Protection Plan Warranty

Whether you’re an amateur or professional photographer/videographer, your camera is probably among your most prized belongings. Of course, the last thing you want is to damage your camera or lose it to theft and then get stuck with unexpected and high repair or replacement costs, but the unexpected can happen. That’s why protecting your valuable photo or video camera from common mishaps with camera insurance is of essential importance.

Camera Insurance Handycam Camcorder Insurance DSLR Photographer Film Student Protection Plan Warranty

What is camera insurance?

Camera insurance, as the name implies, is an insurance plan designed to safeguard your camera equipment. It is a form of financial protection against unforeseen incidents, such as accidental damage or theft, which the manufacturer’s warranty usually doesn’t cover. Camera insurance has many benefits, from providing peace of mind to significantly reducing out-of-pocket expenses when mishaps happen. You can get insurance protection for most types of cameras, from compact, action, and mirrorless cameras to SLRs, DSLRs, and camcorders.

What does camera insurance cover?

Camera insurance doesn’t protect only the camera body but also all the other crucial parts of your device, including the LCD screen, the lenses, the shutter mechanism, and the external flashes. Worth Ave. Group insurance plan covers all camera models, whether new, used, or refurbished, on the following losses:

  • Accidental damage
    Accidents happen all the time. If you drop and damage your device, crack its LCD screen, or accidentally smash its lenses, you’re covered.
  • Spills and liquid submersion
    Your camera can suffer liquid damage if you spill water on it or drop it in a pool, but camera insurance is here to help you.
  • Theft and vandalism
    Cameras are often among prime targets for thieves and can easily get damaged in acts of vandalism. But, if someone steals your camera from your locked vehicle, backpack or damages it by malicious mischief, your coverage can save the day.
  • Fire, flood, and natural disasters
    A fire or flood in your home or studio can be devastating, but if your gear gets damaged in such an unfortunate event, camera insurance has your back.
  • Power surge by lightning
    This can seriously damage your electronics, including your camera, but the good thing is that it’s covered by camera insurance.

Keep in mind that camera insurance protects your device no matter where the covered incident occurs, in your home, studio, outdoors, or when you are traveling abroad.

Camera Insurance Handycam Camcorder Insurance DSLR Photographer Film Student Protection Plan Warranty

What doesn’t camera insurance cover?

Worth Ave. Group insurance plan offers comprehensive coverage for your camera, but there are a few things that it doesn’t cover:

  • Intentional damage to the camera that was caused by you, not by a third party.
  • Cosmetic damage – this refers to surface damage that doesn’t affect your camera’s functionality (for example, scratches or dents).
  • General wear and tear that inevitably occurs as a result of long-term use or aging.

Do I need camera insurance?

If photography or videography is your profession or passion, protecting your camera from common accidents and mishaps with comprehensive insurance can make all the difference, especially if:

  • You have a high-end or valuable camera.
  • You think your camera is at risk of damage or theft.
  • You will need a replacement device as soon as possible if it gets damaged or stolen.
  • You carry your camera everywhere, use it mostly outdoors, or travel often.
  • You can’t afford to repair or replace your camera if anything happens to it.
  • Your camera is your main source of income and/or use it for a job/work.
  • You are accident-prone.
  • You are a photography or film student.
Camera Insurance Handycam Camcorder Insurance DSLR Photographer Film Student Protection Plan Warranty

Is camera insurance worth it?

Whether taking photos or making videos is your profession or hobby, you surely know how expensive photography and videography equipment can be. Accidentally damaging your gear or having it stolen can lighten your wallet even more without a protection program in place.

For instance, if you drop your camera and crack its LCD, the repair could cost you up to $250. If the shutter mechanism gets damaged due to a drop or spill, the repair bill could go up to $350. And in the worst-case scenario, if your camera is stolen or completely damaged in a fire or flood, replacing it could set you back even thousands of dollars.

A camera insurance plan that costs just a few dollars a month could save you hundreds, if not thousands, in repair and replacement costs, so it’s definitely worth it.

How much does camera insurance cost?

Camera equipment may be expensive, along with repairs and replacements, but camera insurance is affordable, so all photographers and videographers can benefit from comprehensive coverage. For instance, Worth Ave. Group camera insurance plans start at just $30 per year, which means one common covered repair, not to mention if you need a replacement device, makes having a policy worthwhile.

Camera Insurance Handycam Camcorder Insurance DSLR Photographer Film Student Protection Plan Warranty

Why choose Worth Ave. Group camera insurance?

When considering insurance protection for your precious camera gear, always look for a reputable insurance provider you can rely on if anything happens to your device. Worth Ave. Group is a fully licensed agency in U.S. and Canada with over 50 years of experience providing electronic device insurance. Moreover, we cover the widest range of perils possible, and our insurance plans come with unlimited claims, low deductibles, and affordable premiums. In addition, coverage is available for all camera brands, including the most prestigious Canon, Nikon, and Sony.

How can I get camera insurance?

Getting an insurance quote for your camera has never been easier: all you have to do is select your state of residence, coverage amount (the value of the camera you want to insure), policy term (one to three years), and payment option (monthly or annual billing) – and your quote will appear immediately!

So, get your FREE camera insurance quote and protect your camera today!