Should I get my student a laptop or tablet ipad

Over the past decade or so, there has been a constant battle for technological supremacy in the classroom. In recent years, the battle has been, seemingly, controlled by the beloved Chromebook over Apple’s iPad product. However, among the biggest technology news over the past few weeks has been the release of the new low cost iPad, with a specific focus on education. The question is, though, how does this new iPad release by Apple affect the fight for the top spot in the classroom?

To answer this question we have to look at what Apple accomplished with its newest release. In our previous blog, Apple Education Event 2018: The Biggest Takeaways for Schools", we discuss this in more detail, but the biggest takeaway is PRICE! They announced that, for schools, they  would be offering the newest iPad model at $299. This puts them in direct competition with most Chromebook manufacturers.

However, the biggest advantage of using Chromebook in the classroom is its direct connection to Google’s eco-system of products. Among these is the popular Google G Suite, which provides students with easy-to-use programs for word processing, mathematical equations and presentation development. The G Suite also allows for simple collaboration among other users. Additionally, the Chrome OS has been praised for its easy set up and quick updates, which makes it extremely user-friendly.

In fact, this is less of an iPad vs. Chromebook issue, but more of an iOS vs. Chrome OS problem. The operating system for Google has been widely accepted as the superior operating system. So if Apple looks to gain ground in the classroom, then they will need to produce an iOS with improved compatibility and collaboration features.

With that being said, by most accounts, the Chromebook still has a foothold on the top spot in the classroom. Though, it will be interesting to see how Apple continues to try and chip away at the Chromebook’s lead!

So what do you think? Which device do you prefer to use in the classroom: the iPad or Chromebook? Regardless of your preference, any teacher or school administrator would readily admit that when you trust these devices in the hands of students, accidental damages happen! And that’s where we come in!

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