College KidsLet’s face it, college kids these days have a lot of stuff. When they move in at the beginning of the school year, parents are making multiple trips to the store to decorate their space, buy bedding, books, bikes, mini refrigerators and microwaves. Parents can easily spend thousands purchasing the “stuff” their students need for college. This is even before paying tuition and other school expenses.

Now that the school year is winding down and coming to a close, what will the students do with their “stuff”? Many will bring it home for the summer. Some will put their items in storage. Others will stay for summer school. Regardless, your student’s property is valuable. Which puts those valuable items at a high risk for theft. One in five college students will experience a theft at some point during their college career. Why not protect that property and your financial investment with student property insurance. Our College plus program covers the student’s property such as electronics, books, bicycles, furniture, clothing and the list goes one. These items are covered for theft, fire, flood, natural disasters and accidental damage such as drops and spills. Our lowest policy offers $2000 of coverage with a $25 deductible for only $6 a month. At a price that low, you can protect your students property whether at home, in storage or away at school.

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