Phone TheftWith cell phones being more high tech and expensive than ever before, they often fall prey to theft. And, with so much of our lives wrapped up in our phones, the theft can be devastating. At any given time we could lose all our contacts, pictures, calendar and more. Cell phones contain a large part of our necessary information and our communication with others. No one would ever want to have their phone stolen, so follow a few of these tips and keep your phone and your data protected.

1. Keep details of your phone. Make, Model, Serial Number and Receipt.
2. Use a pass code or security lock on your phone. It will make it a lot harder for the thief to gain access to your phone.
3. Never let your phone out of your site
4. Mark your phone with a distinguishing marker to make it easier to identify.
5. If your phone is stolen call your carrier immediately to disable the phone.
6. Call the police.