Like all technology, the TV has changed tremendously over the past few years. We've gone from having giant deep boxes to skinny TVs with bigger screens for less than money than we spent on the smaller giant box.

When I helped my mom move houses, we forgot just how heavy old televisions are. We moved an old 37″ television and then a new 37″ flatscreen TV. The old one was almost too heavy for the two of us, the new one: I moved with little ease by myself.

Not only has size and weight changed but so has clarity. I love watching the Discovery Channel nature specials and how clear they are on the HD TVs is unbelievable. And now they're coming out with 3D TVs, what's next, interactive holograms?

Here's an infographic I found on Mashable about how TVs have changed in the past 10 years.

Evolution of TV