With impending news of the iPhone 5 coming soon, you can't help but hear some of the buzz. The rumor mill is working overtime speculating what new features the iPhone 5 will give us as well as what carriers will be selling the new iPhone 5. Looks like we may have bigger screens, a modified antenna and faster processing. And, Sprint or Verizon just may have the iPhone 5 available on their network. Will you be purchasing an iPhone 5? Will you be one of the first to have an iPhone 5 in your pocket?

Since the beginning, Worth Ave. Group has offered coverage for the iPhone. We were there when Apple released the iPhone 3G, 3Gs and 4. The release of the iPhone 5 will be no different. The moment you have your phone in hand, we will be ready to provide you with the best coverage available. Protection from screen cracks, liquid spills, accidental damage, theft, power surge by lightening and more. All with only a $50 deductible. It just makes sense. Don't walk out of the store without thinking about how you can protect your device. Think of Worth Ave. Group, your insurance solution for the digital world!