Future"The future has always been fodder for movies and television. From Back to the Future, Star Wars, Star Trek, 1984, The Jetsons and Planet of the Apes, these have all predicted what life would be like in times to come. One theme is universal in these: Technology. We all can predict and expect that technology will rule the future. In fact, just in the past few years technology has begun to rule more and more of our lives. Most all careers involve some form of technology. Classrooms now have interactive white boards instead of chalkboards. People are more connected than ever to those around the world via the web, cell phones and social networking sites.

Many of the technology predictions in television and movies could have been possible but are now obsolete. For others, we are not quite there yet. It doesn’t look like we will have flying cars, a common prediction, anytime soon. However, big computer/television screens are possible and many have them.

There is no question that Facebook, Google and Apple have made significant changes to our race in the past several years, but who will step up to the plate next? What can we see in the next few years that will change the way we all communicate and interact? What are your predictions?