The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were released roughly three months ago, and now some officials are saying that the massive 6 Plus is affecting the sales of tablet devices, Inquisitr reported.

The iPhone 6 Plus screen comes in at 5.5 inches, which is just a few inches smaller than the iPad mini. According to a report from the analytics firm Flurry, within the week leading up to Christmas, full-sized tablets made up only 11 percent of mobile activations in the U.S., while last year, tablets accounted for 17 percent over the same time period.

Additionally, small tablet activations were also down to 11 percent through Christmas week this year, which could be due to the iPhone 6 Plus release in September. While tablet sales may be dropping as a result of the increased options within the smartphone industry, regular-sized smartphones are actually relatively steady in sales.

The report discovered that during Christmas week, smartphone sales only fell from 64 percent to 63 percent compared to last year's data. However, small tablets dropped from 29 percent to 22 percent in total sales.

Having the best of both worlds
Sean Hollister, gadget and smartphone expert, recently stated in his Gizmodo article that the iPhone 6 Plus is the best tablet he's ever owned. He added that while he abandoned Apple smartphone products in 2008, the massive iPhone 6 Plus drew him back the company.

"At a glorious 5.5 inches diagonal, Apple's giant new handset has practically everything a modern Android lover adores: a giant 1080p screen, a crazy-fast processor, an impressive camera, a battery that doesn't quit, and yes: a landscape keyboard," said Hollister in his report. "If you're already an Apple iPhone owner lusting after a Samsung Galaxy Note-sized screen, there's little question that you should buy an iPhone 6 Plus."

According to Inquisitr, the iPad Air 2 is a marvelous device that is unbelievably thin compared to its older models, but the biggest problem the iPad has is that the iPhone 6 Plus can do pretty much the exact same thing for users. A lot of consumers wanted a smartphone that could provide a bigger typing screen, and with the iPhone 6 Plus, the device gives users a tablet and phone.

However, no matter which device consumers choose, personal insurance can protect smartphones and tablets from damage and theft.