A new report was recently released that showed Apple's dominance that still lingers among the tablet, laptop and smartphone industries. According to the data firm Chegg, college students still prefer Apple products among all other competitors.

The survey found that 67 percent of male college student wanted new electronics for the holiday season, while 79 percent of female students wanted clothes.

Preferred laptops
In terms of electronics, companies such as Bose, Samsung and Microsoft are gaining popularity in the industry among college students, but Apple still remained supreme. According to the survey, of all the male reponsdents who said they wanted a new laptop, 37 percent picked an Apple laptop, while 43 percent of female students said the same thing. The next closest brand was HP computers, with 10 percent of the male vote and 20 percent from female respondents.

Apple still dominates smartphones
As for smartphones, 57 percent of female students wanted an iPhone, and 44 percent of male respondents agreed. The next brand in line was Samsung, with 29 percent of the female vote and 30 percent of male students.

College students have largely adapted tablet devices into their study and note-taking ways. Many students find the portable, lightweight devices easier to carry around than enormous text books, Tablet PC Review reported. Additionally, tablets now have charge times that can last 10 to 12 hours, which make the devices ideal for entire school days.

Another plus of tablets is the quick boot-up time, USA Today reported. Tablets can be left on and turned on with a single click of a button or gesture touch. With laptops, devices take anywhere from a few seconds to a couple minutes to start up.

The shift in tablet purchases has several competitors fighting for college students' money for new tablet devices.

More competitors within tablet industry
However, with the increased amount of competitors, 41 percent of male college students still wanted an Apple iPad, and 47 percent of female respondents said the same thing. The report said 24 percent of male respondents wanted Microsoft tablets, and 22 percent of female students said the same thing. However, 22 percent of female respondents wanted a Samsung tablet, while only 12 percent of male students agreed.

Tablets are more affordable, which could increase the demand for the devices in the college setting as well. According to USA Today, there's still a demand for QWERTY keyboards, which could affect Apple iPad sales or force the giant to shift toward keyboard-equipped iPads.

Demand for headphones rising
Headphone sales have increased thanks to companies like Beats, which was recently purchased by Apple. The Chegg report discovered that 46 percent of all college students wanted Beats headphones, with 33 percent of male respondents wanting the brand compared to 55 percent of female students.

No matter the electronic device, college students need to protect their gadgets. Personal insurance can help college students replace lost, stolen or damaged devices.