iPhone Insurance and Damage ProtectionHow do you protect your iPhone from getting damaged? This might be the most commonly asked question among Americans over the past decade. With 42.6% of all American smartphone users using Apple based products, 1 there is no denying that this creates a large population of consumers that are concerned about the damaging of their iPhones. So, what measures have you gone to in order to protect your iPhone? For many, they would say "iPhone cases". Below we have outlined a couple of the top options for protective iPhone cases on the market for the most recent version, iPhone 6:

Apple iPhone 6 Leather Case: One of the main benefits of this product is its strong grip material. It's considered to be a good case for your casual consumer, however might not be the best option for a user who enjoys rugged environments.

iPhone 6 Mophie Juice Pack Plus: The sellable benefit to this battery-based case is the increase in battery power for your iPhone. It is reported that the case can maintain 120% more power than the iPhone3. The biggest complaint of this case is its steep price.

Spigen Thin Fit iPhone 6: This case will be one of the cheaper products on the market and offers a solid amount of durable protection. As insinuated with the name this is a thinner case than most, which is more of a focus on user-comfort rather than phone protection.

None of these options are completely damage-proof however! There have even been reported scratches on iPhones from removing/replacing iPhone cases. There is no guaranteed protection from any number of damages including: cracked screens, liquid submersion, accidental damage, vandalism & theft, natural disasters, fire & flood.

iPhone Insurance from Worth Ave. Group

Did you know?

• You can purchase an iPhone insurance plan starting as low as $4.50/month from Worth Ave. Group.

Think about that. That's cheaper than a monthly Netflix subscription! While I do not doubt the incredible value of Netflix and the importance of binge watching Fuller House, it's hard to pass up that $4.50/month! In 2014, Bank of America released results of a survey that determined that 91% of smartphone consumers believe their phone is as important as a car or deodorant 2. Sound insane? Yeah, probably a little bit. But by that logic, can you imagine insuring your car for only $4.50/month? Sign me up! Going back to that same survey, it also reported that 47% of U.S. adults couldn't go a day without their smartphone. 2

So what'll it be: Guaranteed iPhone protection or Netflix? Heck... have both! Just make sure that you aren't without insurance protection on your iPhone. I challenge you to get a quote! Visit here to get a quote and cover your iPhone.