The new alternative to iPhone battery life!

I’m sure that you have experienced that instance when you are notified by your phone about your low battery, automatically sheer panic starts to take over. Luckily for you there is now a solution to this battery life issue, Mophie. Mophie is a California-based, award-winning designer and manufacturer of mobile intelligent devices and accessories. Currently, Mophie has various versions of the battery case for iPhone 4/4S, each with separate looks and different amounts of additional battery life.

All cases feature:

  • USB portal-to charge the phone and battery case
  • Syncs to iTunes at the same time
  • A small standby switch
  • Four LED lights to indicate how much battery life the case has left, or when the case is fully charged

It has been proven that the Mophie battery case can nearly double the amount of battery life. These unique features can make a huge difference in how beneficial the additional battery life can be on a daily basis.

Gretchen Cathey, a current Worth Ave. Group employee states, ” I’m on my phone ALOT, and the best part is I don’t ever have to even think about my battery power. I’m good for the whole day. The worst part is the charging ports on the case tend to wear out quicker than I’d like. I have yet to have a case make it to a year mark. But that being said, it’s still the ONLY case I’ve ever had that I actually like.”

Finding a case that matches your everyday needs can be difficult, which is why Mophie focuses on what’s important, the protection and battery life. Some cases tend to be too clunky in hopes of increasing the amount of protection. These types of cases, such as the OtterBox, are made to handle any accident, even water submersion but results in your phone to be nearly as heavy and big as a brick! When choosing what case to purchase, pick the case that gives your phone the style, protection, and additional battery life it needs.

If you don’t think a case for your iPhone is necessary then check out our iPhone Insurance Policies to see what works for you.