Keeping Your Kids Motivated During Distance Learning

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After the excitement of the holidays, the long haul to spring break can seem like an eternity. If you notice your child is getting stuck in a rut during at-home distance learning, here are some things you can do to give them a little boost of motivation:


•Lead by Example
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Children are much more observant than we give them credit for. Set a good example for your child by having a positive attitude and persevering through challenges, even when they seem tough.

•Play to Interests

If you notice your child losing motivation, peak their interest by finding a subject they’re interested in and playing to that. Are they interested in art? Go on a virtual tour of the Louvre with Google Arts and Culture. Do they like animals? Find an animal documentary on Netflix and watch it together.

•Structure and Routine

Having structure throughout the day will help your child stay on track and know what’s expected of them. Have a set wake-up time, time when class starts and a schedule of class assignments. Make sure to also have scheduled times for breaks and lunches to give your child time to decompress.

•Don't Be Afraid to Change it Up

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A benefit to online learning is that you have more freedom to make adjustments to your child’s learning plan. Is your child having trouble focusing on reading lengthy chapters in a text book? Try to find a documentary about the subject instead. If your child doesn’t like math, try to find an app or online game that makes it fun.





•Positive Incentives

A tried and true way to make sure your child stays on track is by having a reward system. A promise of a favorite dinner, family movie night or extra media time at the end of the day will give your child motivation to make sure their work gets done.

•Ask for Outside Motivation
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Sometimes all it takes is a little encouragement. If your child has a favorite teacher, ask them to write a personalized email or record a video message to encourage them to keep going.

•Stay On Task

Eliminate outside distractions with site blockers, time management apps and phone-free study time to make sure your child is focused on their work and not an online games or a text chain with friends.




Thanks to online learning, students are spending more time on their devices than ever before. Make sure your child’s Chromebook, laptop or tablet is protected from a drop, spill or other potential accident. Save your money and peace of mind with a free quote today!