Prevent DamageWorth Ave. Group insurance covers accidental damage such as drops, water damage, and theft. 

Beyond insurance, you can protect your iPhone by doing the following:

Screen Protector – Buy a screen protector. The screen protector will protect the screen from scratches as well as protect the glass from breaking if you drop your phone.

Case -There are many iPhone cases available on the market today. It doesn’t matter which kind you choose, as long as you choose something that creates a barrier between your phone and any elements that could cause damage to your phone.

Avoid Water – If at all possible, keep your iPhone away from water. Common places to avoid are sinks, pools, bathtubs, etc.  

Prevent Theft – Keep your phone on you when in public places. If you set it down and walk away, you risk it being stolen by someone.

With a few common sense preventative measures, you can ensure your iPhone will stay unharmed and right where it needs to be: in your hands.