Report iPhonesA new U.K. government report showed that among stolen smartphone cases in the nation, iPhones are the most targeted device by thieves. U.K. Home Secretary Theresa May recently published her study called The Mobile Phone Theft Ratio, which used crime data from 2012 to 2014 to inspect which smartphone brand was stolen the most by thieves.


In fact, out of the four most-stolen smartphones, the study found the top four were all Apple products. According to the research, the iPhone 5 had the highest amount of incidents, while the iPhone 5C, 5s and 4s all followed, respectively. The Blackberry 9790 was the fifth-most stolen smartphone in the U.K., and Samsung Galaxy and HTC phones also appeared on the crime index.


"Crime has fallen by more than 10 percent under this government," May said in her official report. "This is good news for a safer England and Wales. However, the level of mobile phone theft remains a concern and people are increasingly carrying their lives in their pockets, with bank details, emails and other sensitive personal information easily accessible through mobile phones."


New York sees rash of stolen electronics, as well
In the U.S., the New York Police Department recently stated smartphones, iPads and other mobile devices are being targeted by thieves more than cash, the New York Daily News reported. Everyone tends to think of a standard New York robbery as thieves saying "Give me all your cash." However, New Yorkers can now expect thieves to say, "Give me your iPhone."


An NYPD analysis showed the iPhone was most stolen device in the city, with 70 percent of incidents saying their Apple smartphone was snatched, the source cited. Police officials said 35 percent of grand larcenies across the city are from computers, tablets and MP3 players.


One of the major problems with iPhone thefts is that it's difficult for police to know when devices are stolen and at what times to better patrol buses and subways in the city.


"The problem of electronic device theft has grown exponentially, but can and must be controlled," the report stated. "We cannot identify what devices are stolen where or at what times."


Bringing smartphone thefts to light
May said in her report by addressing the issues, people will hopefully work harder to protect their phones and devices when in public.


"We are also working with industry to stop the reactivation of phones overseas, thereby killing the export market on which [organized] criminals rely," May added.


New York police officers are trying to do the same thing. Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said the high price of these stolen devices has created a black market in New York and phones are sold very easily, the Daily News reported.


While smartphone thefts are rising, there are steps people can take to protect their devices. One of the easiest and most-convenient ways to protect a smartphone is through personal insurance. By insuring the device, the user is protected whether it's theft, lost or even damaged.