We have all seen it happen. Different scenarios such as someone was pushed into the pool, a phone fell out of a pocket and into a puddle of water or a device took a plunge in the toilet have all happened to people we know with water-damaged phones. While it might seem like the end of the world, there are some steps to take before taking your drenched iPhone back to the Apple store. Here are some tips to save a water-damaged smartphone:


1. Retrieve it quickly
No matter how deep the water, whether it's as small as a puddle or a swimming pool, owners should retrieve the device as fast as possible. According to Wired, the longer a device sits in water, the more likely it will have complete water damage.


2. Power down or take out the battery
The next step should always be to remove the battery from the device because that is the area to be most likely affected by water damage. However, those with iPhones that make it much harder to remove a battery should simply power down the device, Wired reported. Turning off the phone makes lessens the chance of a short circuit in the device.


Also, users should remove any SD, microSD or SIM cards from the device, Gigaom reported. Doing this will help prevent the chances of losing critical information on the phone 


3. Shake and don't bake!
According to Gigaom, once the phone is retrieved and cards or the battery are removed, give the phone a few shakes to get out any additional water. Many people think the next step is the hair dryer or the oven. According to Wired, heat can actually fry components inside the phone. Instead, wipe the phone with a towel and make sure no water is trapped in cracks or indentations of the casing.


4. The rice trick
Another popular trick many people use to save their phones from water damage is to throw it in a bowl of uncooked rice. The rice absorbs the moisture and, and the phone should be left in the rice for at least 24 hours before it is turned on again, All Things Digital reported.


According to the source, another popular method is using a Bheestie bag, which cost around $20. The bag is full of tiny beads that absorb water much quicker and more efficiently than rice. Additionally, the beads don't leave a slimy and gooey residue that wet rice can leave in the phone's ports.


All Things Digital tried both the rice and Bheestie bag method and said both methods were hit or miss. The downfall of the bag is the unlikelihood of being around the purchased device when water damage occurs.


5. Invest in personal insurance
While rice might do the trick for some, several people still see serious damage to their smartphones after submerging the device in water. However, investing in personal insurance for a smartphone will assure customers their devices will be fully replaced with no questions asked, while many phone insurance companies only cover one instance or give refurbished phones in return.