In a move that isn't very shocking, Sprint is filing a lawsuit to block the AT&T/T-Mobile merger. Not only has Sprint filed the lawsuit, but the federal government has as well.

Both the government and Sprint are saying that the merger is "anti-consumer and anti-competition." I somewhat agree with this but taking T-Mobile out of the picture still leaves Sprint and Verizon as strong competitors.

Where was this opposition when Sprint merged with Nextel or when AT&T and Cingular merged? Same types of situations but no legal action was taken against either of those mergers.

If Sprint is that worried about not being a top competitor against AT&T, maybe they need to expand their marketing efforts and make their product more beneficial than AT&T's.

I think cellphone companies are like insurance companies. No one is better than the other but on a case by case basis, there can be one better.

If you want an iPhone, you're limited to AT&T or Verizon now. Other phones are only available through Sprint or Verizon or T-Mobile. If there's a specific phone you want, go with the provider that has that phone.

No network is better than another when it comes to coverage or service. They may try to argue and say that they're the best, but in all reality, it depends on where you are. Here in Oklahoma, most people have AT&T and although they don't provide the greatest service, it's better than other providers.

The day that none of the networks drop a call, will be a miracle. Until that day, you have to pick the provider that works best for you in your area.

Based on these lawsuits though, it sounds like T-Mobile customers won't have to worry about becoming AT&T customers.