High School and College students can easily have a thousand dollars or more inside their backpack. What is in your student's backpack? Laptop, iPod, Cell Phone, Digital Camera, Portable Game System? How much would you suffer financially if your student's backpack was stolen or damaged from a water bottle leak?

Ask yourself these questions when seeking information about whether or not you should insure their property. Undoubtedly, you will be surprised how much money you have invested in one little portable bag.

A typical student has a laptop, cell phone and at least one other device in their backpack at all times. That could add up to $2000 or more worth of devices. Could you easily replace those devices out of pocket in the event of a loss? If not, you should consider an electronic device policy. For less than $100 a year you can protect those devices from theft, cracked screens, drops, liquid spills, lightning strikes and more. With such affordable policies from Worth Ave. Group also comes extremely low deductibles, varying anywhere from $0-100. This means you have very little out of pocket expenses when a loss occurs. Let's face it, kids are expensive enough…you can't afford NOT to be covered. Click here for more information regarding how you can protect the contents of your student's backpack.