Andriod Smartphone Protection


Last month, we outlined 3 reasons switch from an Android device to an iPhone. However, in fairness, there are plenty of reasons to go the route of an Android. So, for this month we have gone ahead and outlined a few reasons why choosing an Android might be the better option for you over the iPhone.

Although, the new iPhone was just announced; and it’s being billed as being bigger and better than ever, it’s also more expensive. And, being an iPhone owner, all but forces you into the Apple ecosystem of products.

The iPhone is great, but are there other quality options in the market that could be an adequate and maybe even better replacement for the iPhone. So the question then is should you switch from the iPhone to an Android? Here are three reasons why the answer to that is definitely yes.

1) Customization: When you use an Android device, you are able to customize a number of things. You can use different boot launchers, themes, icon images, folders, etc. In comparison, every iPhone is basically the same and looks exactly the same. On the iPhone every icon is the same size, every device is unlocked and boots the same way. Additionally, Androids support widgets, another feature that doesn’t belong to the iPhone.

2) Variety of Options: Imagine 15 different iPhones, each with different sizes, different batteries, and different customizable options. Sounds great right? Unfortunately there are usually only two versions of the iPhone released each year (3 this year with the release of the iPhone X).

This is no problem with Android, with Android; you can pick and choose amazing phones from a number of developers: Samsung, Google, HTC, Sony, etc. Beyond the number of phones that you can choose from, there are also a variety of different price points for each phone, with Android you no longer need to shell out the big bucks to acquire a quality device.

3) Google: Google is the literal elephant in the room. Aside from Apple, Google is the most relevant technology company aside from Facebook in today’s digital space. Google’s suite of apps is incredibly intuitive and native to Android. Google Maps, Google Photos, Google Calendar and Google Drive, along with other Google products are all incredible. If you enjoy using Google products, an Android device might be right for you!

If you are an Android owner or are considering purchasing an Android, make sure your device doesn’t go unprotected! Did you know that you can purchase insurance coverage for as low as $2.25/month for the iPhone? That translates to just $27/per year! We cover damages including: accidental damage, cracked screens, liquid submersion, theft, vandalism, fire, flood, natural disasters and power surge by lightning depending on the device. Get your free quote today here!