Kindle or ipad Insurance

Amazon recently released their newest tablet: the Kindle Fire HD 10. With an incredible price, Amazon Alexa, and solid form factor and performance, the Kindle Fire is looking to break the recent declination of tablet sales that has been happening in the industry. (link)

The new Amazon Kindle is a great device, but can it dethrone the Apple iPad? Apple is the king of technological innovation and a company that knows what people want before they even want it.

The iPad, when it was announced in 2010, took the technology world by storm. The original iPad was lauded as a competitor to laptops and netbooks, with its large size and impressive capabilities, along with Apple’s technology suite. Now, seven years later, while other tablet companies have fallen by the wayside, Apple is still number one.

Can the new Kindle Fire HD 10 replace the Apple iPad (2017)? Let’s take a look at each device and decide.

Amazon Kindle Cracked Screen Protection Service PlanKindle Fire HD 10
Price: $229.99-$259.99
Storage: 16GB-32GB
Pros: Beautiful screen, fast performance, Alexa
Cons: Pushes towards Amazon services other services work poorly, some apps not available through Amazon

Apple iPad Cracked Screen Protection Service PlanApple iPad 2017
Price: $329-$559
Storage: 32GB-128GB
Pros: great performance, Apple integration, Simple to use
Cons: not as refined as the pro version, no stylus

Final Verdict

When you look at both devices, you can see the positives and negatives associated with both. The Fire Tablet has Amazon's web services and Alexa built in, while the iPad has Apple integration, and a beautiful simple interface. The Kindle Fire HD 10 struggles to use non-Amazon services and applications, while the iPad is more expensive and doesn’t have a stylus. There are both good and bad factors for both devices.

Which should you get?

When it comes to picking one device to fulfill all of your tablet needs the answer is more complex than you think. Since both devices are different and complete with their own unique set of pros and cons, deciding which device is best for you relies on you and what you want out of the device.

We recommend the Kindle Fire HD 10 if you have Amazon products, like the Amazon Echo, or if you have Amazon prime. If you want to use the Kindle for things that aren't Amazon related then you probably shouldn’t buy it.

We recommend the iPad if you are part of the Apple ecosystem (iPhone, Mac, Watch) and if you don’t mind a higher price for the product. If you don’t have an iPhone or Apple watch and want a little more bang for your buck then you shouldn’t buy the iPad.

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