Now, more than ever, the world has become extremely dependent on personal security. All too often we hear horror stories about identity theft, email hacking, credit card scams and so on in this digital era. And while not all situations are fully avoidable, there have been advancements in mobile technology that can help you fend off potential perpetrators. In the following blog we have taken a look at 5 of the top security apps in 2017 that are available to iPhone users nationwide. Help yourself by protecting yourself with these great apps!

iPhone Security TipsFind my iPhone: What once was a paid service, has now become an extremely useful free tool provided to iPhone users. The purpose of the app is pretty self-explanatory, but the best part of the app is that you only have to utilize iCloud to locate your device. Once you have logged in to your iCloud, you will be able to see exactly where your iPhone is on a physical map. This is a great app for anyone who tends to misplace their phone from time to time!

iPhone Extended Service PlansLookout: This free iPhone app is best used when paired with your Apple Watch. It operates much like Find My iPhone, meaning that its main objective is to help you locate a lost or stolen iPhone. If your phone has been stolen you have the ability to send a message to your phone through Lookout’s website; as well as suspend any credit/debit cards that have been saved on the device. Another good example of the great apps available for iPhone users!

Cell Phone InsuranceFoscam Surveillance Pro: If you feel that video surveillance is a necessity for your security, this just might be the option for you! This app is far more advanced than most and requires you to own Foscam camera(s). This app will allow you to control your cameras in 8 different directions, view the feed live and in real-time and view up to 6 separate cameras one time! In addition to the cameras, this product costs $4.99 on iTunes. If you are curious to learn more, please visit here.

iPhone Cracked Screen1Password: This is a simple app that helps store and protect all your passwords behind one password that only you have access too. The software uses end-to-end encryption so your passwords can only be decrypted offline. 1Password is free for the first 30 days of usage and then you have an option of what subscription you would like to proceed with starting at $3.99. Learn more here!

iPhone Water DamageSecret Calculator Icon: The Secret Calculator Icon is an app that enables the user hide any private information behind a sneaky faux-calculator. The app will appear on your phone as a calculator, however once you enter your selected numerical passcode you can access any hidden information, including: photos, videos, notes, passwords, etc. This product allows you the opportunity to keep prying eyes away from private files and information. Great option for iPhone users!

I hope these apps help give you some peace-of-mind when it comes to the information you have stored on your personal mobile devices. But, as you are aware, no mobile app can protect you from drops, spills, and other unforeseen damages. If you are an iPhone owner, avoid the risk of having to replace your damaged iPhone at a much higher cost! In fact, you can purchase insurance coverage for as low as $4.50/month which translates to just $54 per year!! We cover damages including: cracked screens, liquid submersion, theft, vandalism, fire, flood, natural disasters and power surge by lightning depending on the device.