The iPhone X is an amazing and beautiful device that is overtaken the number one rated phone spot on tech site cNet (Link). The iPhone X is a great phone, but what apps do you need to complete your iPhone X experience? Beyond classic apps that everyone has, i.e. Facebook, Instagram Uber, what apps can you get on your phone that will take your phone experience to the next level? We’ve scoured the internet and our own iPhone X devices to find the very best apps for the iPhone X on the Apple App store.

Here are our 5 favorite apps:

1. Signal: Signal is a communication app, which encrypts communications sent between users. In an era where hacks and privacy are a huge issue, encrypted communication is essential to protect yourself. Signal lets users send messages in groups or just between two people, and Signal users can send videos images and text as well as make calls.

You can download Signal here.


2. Hinge: Online dating is no longer as strange as it used to be, apps like Tinder have helped popularize the "swipe" method of matchmaking. Tinder helped revolutionize online dating, but with its simple to use swipe technology and local feel, catfishing and harassment became part of the experience. Hinge changes this, Hinge only connects you with connections of your Facebook friends, this helps limit the amount of fake profiles you will come across.

You can learn more about the Hinge App here.


3. Kitchen Stories: Kitchen Stories is a beautifully designed app that plays off the popularity of fast based cooking videos from content video companies like Tasty but takes things several steps further. According to the Kitchen Stories description, Kitchen Stories is an app where one can: "find delicious recipes with beautiful pictures, easy to follow step-by-step photo instructions, recipe videos, and clever how-to videos..."

You can learn more about Kitchen Stories here.


4. Tab: Tab is an app that makes paying bills with friends incredibly easy! Its simple, intuitive interface is perfect for those nights out with friends where you'd rather not do the math yourself. You simply take a picture of the receipt after you’ve received your bill, and your friends "tab" on the items that they ordered. The best thing about Tab is that everyone can calculate their tip individually; there are no more awkward conversations about how much to tip.

You can learn more about Tab here.


5. Snapseed: Photography is a major part of the new iPhone X, especially considering the iPhone X has the best camera ever on an iPhone (Link). Snapseed allows you to edit your photos on your iPhone without having to export them to another computer. Snapseed will help make the photos that you post on Facebook and Instagram look much more professional!

You can learn more about Snapseed here.


We hope you found the aforementioned information useful as you begin your journey with the iPhone X. Explore these 5 iPhone apps if you are looking to maximize your iPhone X experience!

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