PS4 vs Xbox One X

With Sony having sold 63.3 million consoles (Link) and Microsoft selling more than 30 million consoles (Link), it’s probably fair to say that the console wars, in last year’s generation, were definitively won by PlayStation. Sony’s PS4 flagship titles Uncharted 4 and Horizon Zero Dawn sold extremely well, while Xbox exclusive titles haven’t performed as well.

With Sony taking a significant lead in the console wars Microsoft and Xbox are becoming increasingly in need of a big win. Both console developers took their flagship consoles and upgraded them and released new consoles, the improved Xbox One X and the PS4 Pro. So, the question then is, which one has the leg up in this battle? Let’s take a look at both consoles and decide which one is best.

Xbox One X: $499
PS4 Pro: $399

The PS4 is $100 less than the Xbox One X. The Xbox One X may be a moderately better machine, but is it worth $100 more than the PS4 Pro?

Verdict: PS4 Pro
Xbox One X: 8 Core, 2.3 GHz
PS4 Pro: 8 Core, 2.1 GHz

Microsoft went all out with the Xbox One X. After the original Xbox One performed poorly compared to the original PS4, Xbox felt the pressure to flex their muscles with the Xbox One X. This new Xbox boasts an 8 core processor at 2.3 GHz, which has more power than the 8 core 2.1 GHz processor on the PS4 Pro.

Verdict: Xbox One X
Xbox One X: AMD Graphics, 6 Teraflops
PS4 Pro: AMD Graphics, 4.2 Teraflops

Microsoft’s graphics are also better than the PS4’s graphics. The Xbox One X boasts 6 teraflops of computing power, almost 2 more than the Ps4 Pro and 4 and a half times as much as the original Xbox One.

Verdict: Xbox One X
Xbox One X: 12GB GDDR5
PS4 Pro: 8GB GDDR5

The Xbox One X has 12GB of GDDR5 RAM, which is powerful enough for 4K streaming at 60 frames per second. The Xbox One X also has support HDR which helps support seamless gameplay. The PS4 Pro has 8GB GDDR5 as well, but the PS4 fluctuates between 4K at 60 and 30 fps.

Verdict: Xbox One X
Xbox One X: 1 Terabyte
PS4 Pro: 1 Terabyte

The Xbox One X and PS4 Pro offer the same amount of storage.

Verdict: Tie
Optical Drive
Xbox One X: 4K Blu-ray
PS4 Pro: Blu-ray DVD

The Xbox One X, because of the power and graphics that we mentioned earlier, offers 4K Blu-ray playback. This is better than the playback capabilities of the PS4 Pro which doesn’t support 4K Blu-ray.

Verdict: Xbox One X
4K/HDR Support
Xbox One X: Yes
PS4 Pro: Yes

Both the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro offer $K/HDR support. The Xbox One X can run at 60 fps and the PS4 Pro can moves between 30 and 60 fps.

Verdict: Tie
VR Support
Xbox One X: Not Yet
PS4 Pro: Yes

As of this writing, the Xbox One X doesn’t have support for virtual reality, while the PS4 utilizes the PlayStation VR headset. According to Polygon (Link) Microsoft is working on VR headsets that will work on Windows PCs instead of VR for the Xbox One X. As of right now, if you want to use VR, the PlayStation 4 Pro is your best and only option.

Verdict: PS4 Pro
Xbox One X: Backwards Compatibility, Xbox Play Anywhere
PS4 Pro: Exclusives, PlayStation Now

Part of the game strategy for the Xbox One involves backwards compatibility. The Xbox One X will support titles from both the Xbox 360 and the original Xbox. Additionally certain games can be played on both the Xbox One X and on different Windows PCs with Xbox Play Anywhere.

The Xbox One X also has first party exclusives, though they aren’t as well reviewed as those on the PlayStation 4 Pro. Exclusives on the Xbox One X include Halo 5, Gears of War 4 and Dead Rising 4.

Meanwhile, the PS4 Pro is making its mark with its exclusive titles, such as: Horizon Zero Dawn, BloodBorne, and The Last of Us.

Additionally the PS4 Pro additionally has PlayStation Now, which is Sony’s gaming subscription service. With PlayStation Now, certain PS3 games can be played for $20 a month, and certain PS2 games are available at a cost of $15 per game.

Verdict: Tie
Xbox One X: Video Apps (CBS, AMC, Seeso), Spotify
PS4 Pro: Video Apps, Vue, Spotify

The Xbox One X seeks to be an all in one entertainment hub for users. The Xbox One has video apps, Spotify, and support for specific for TV channels.

The PS4 Pro doesn’t have the same entertainment capabilities of the PS4, thought it does boast many of the same video apps: Prime Video, Netflix and Hulu. The PS4 Pro also offers the PlayStation Vue TV streaming package at $40 a month.

Verdict: Xbox One X
Online Experience
Xbox One X: Xbox Live
PS4 Pro: PS Plus

In 2017, one of the most important parts of the gaming experience is online play. Online play for both consoles costs $59.99 annually, or $9.99 a month. Online play on both consoles is seamless, though connectivity issues are based mainly on your ISP speeds. With paid access, both PS Plus and Xbox Live offer 2 free game downloads every month along with access to an extensive games library where different games can be downloaded. Sony offers 10 GB of cloud storage for games with PS Plus, while Microsoft offers unlimited cloud storage even without a subscription to Xbox Live.

Winner: Xbox One X
Final Tally
Xbox One X: 5
PS4 Pro: 2

Though the PS4 Pro offers better exclusive titles than the Xbox One X at a better Price Point, the Xbox One X is overall a faster, better performing machine. The Xbox One X offers 4K streaming for both games and video, along with an extensive library of games from the Xbox 360 and original Xbox. For our money, the Xbox One X is the machine you should be buying, even if you have to shell out an extra $100 for it.


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