Why Get Insurance for a Gaming Console?

Why Get Insurance for a Gaming Console?Is your gaming device always in use? Do you take your console on the go? Are there children or pets around? If these situations sound familiar, protecting your gaming system from common mishaps could be a smart idea. The right insurance plan can ensure you’re covered and save you significant out-of-pocket expenses to repair or replace your device if it’s damaged or stolen. Let’s see what gaming system insurance is, what it covers, and how you can benefit from it.

Person playing Playstation gameWhat is gaming system insurance?

Gaming system insurance is a specialized type of insurance plan designed to safeguard your gaming device against various perils. While standard manufacturer’s warranties provide protection when it comes to mechanical failure and breakdowns for a limited time after purchasing the device, they fall short in covering mishaps that commonly affect gaming systems, like accidental damage and theft. Gaming system insurance fills in these gaps, offering tailored coverage for your console.

What does gaming system insurance cover?

The coverage can vary from one provider to another, but Worth Ave. Group has a comprehensive gaming system insurance plan that covers the following:

Cracked Screen on Nintendo Switch and Soda Spill on XBox
  • Cracked screens
    You drop your handheld gaming console or crush it in your bag, cracking its screen.
  • Accidental damage
    You accidentally knock over your console, causing it to fall and break.
  • Spills and liquid submersion
    You spill soda on your gaming device while playing, and it stops working.
  • Theft and vandalism
    Your console is stolen from your home, or someone intentionally damages it during a gaming session.
  • Fire, flood, and natural disasters
    A fire breaks out in your place, or it is flooded due to heavy rains, damaging your gaming system.
  • Power surge by lightning
    A lightning strike causes a power surge that damages your gaming device.

As you can see, our insurance plan can provide coverage for various unexpected events that can render your gaming device unusable.

X Box Series X, Nintendo Switch and Playstation 5For what gaming consoles can I get insurance?

You can get insurance for all types of consoles, including the most popular ones, such as PlayStation5, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch. We cover all makes and models and offer unlimited claims, ensuring your favorite gaming device remains protected when accidents happen. In addition to new gaming systems, we stand out from other insurance providers by providing coverage for old and refurbished devices. So, even if you bought your console two years ago or got a pre-owned one, you can insure it as long as there is no pre-existing damage.

Is gaming system insurance worth it?

Gaming system insurance might seem unnecessary at first glance. However, it becomes something worth considering when you factor in the prices of modern gaming consoles, the potential risks they face, and the costs of repairs. Let’s do the math. A PS5 is currently available for $499.99. An accidental drop could easily lead to a damaged HDMI Port. This repair alone could cost around $200, almost half the price of a brand-new device. Not to mention if your console is damaged beyond repair or stolen. You’ll need to pay the full retail price to replace it. On the other hand, you can insure your PS5 for just $6.50 a month, which means one covered incident and the insurance proves its worth.

Children playing video gamesDo I need insurance for a gaming console?

Whether or not you need gaming system insurance depends on a combination of factors, including the value of your device, your gaming habits, and the risks involved. It can be a worthwhile coverage if:

  • You have an expensive gaming system that would be costly to repair or replace if damaged or stolen.
  • You are a professional gamer and want to protect your gaming investment.
  • You often host gaming parties or events at your place. The more people involved, the higher the risk of accidents.
  • You frequently travel with your console, which makes it vulnerable to accidental damage and theft.
  • Your kids are always on their gaming devices or take them everywhere they go. Kids tend to be less mindful of electronic devices, so they are prone to drops, cracks, and spills.
  • You’re worried that your pets could damage your gaming system.
  • You are a college student who lives in a dorm or shared housing where theft or accidents are more common.

Broken XBoxHow does gaming system insurance work?

Gaming system insurance works much like other types of insurance policies. You pay a monthly or annual premium in exchange for coverage for specific risks. When an incident occurs that is covered by the policy, such as accidental damage or theft, you can file a claim. After the claim is approved, you only need to pay a small deductible, and we will cover the repair or replacement costs for your damaged or stolen device up to the coverage limit outlined in your policy.

How can I get insurance for a gaming console?

Getting insurance protection for a gaming console is a breeze with Worth Ave. Group, and you can purchase an insurance policy anytime. If you’re considering this option, grab a free gaming system insurance quote to get started!