How to Pet-Proof Your Electronic Devices
Pet-Proof Your Devices

Are your furry friends a little too curious or clumsy around your devices? Are you worried they might damage your phone, tablet, or laptop? You’re not alone in this. We all love our pets, but they can be unpredictable, a bit too excited or playful – and their curiosity, clumsiness, or enthusiasm can sometimes lead to unfortunate tech disasters. Yes, there are many ways your dog or cat can cause damage to your valuable devices, but there are also some things you can do to protect your gadgets from the mischievous adventures of your four-legged companions.

Pet-Proof Your Devices

Mind your cables

Cables can be particularly tempting for pets to chew on or play with, which also applies to charging cables. To protect your devices and your pets, be mindful of where you’re charging your devices. Using cable organizers or protectors can also help. These simple accessories can keep cables neatly bundled and out of your pet’s reach. If you’re thinking about setting up a charging station, it’s best to put it in a place where cables will be hidden or inaccessible to your pets. By organizing or hiding your cables, you can prevent your pets from accidentally pulling your devices on the floor and breaking them.

Keep your devices out of reach

When you’re not actively using your devices, put them in a safe spot where your pets cannot reach them easily. For laptops, this means closing them and placing them on a high shelf, in a drawer, or in a laptop bag. This not only shields your laptop from potential damage but also prevents your pets from using the keyboard as a cozy nap spot or a launching pad for their next adventure. Do not leave your phone, tablet, or laptop on the couch or the floor where your pets can mistake them for toys, push them, or knock them over. This can lead to a costly repair or replacement.

Pet-Proof Your Devices

Avoid leaving food or drinks near your devices

Snacking and sipping coffee while using electronic devices is something many of us do every day. But, when you share your living space with your pets, leaving food or beverages near your devices can result in disastrous spills and costly damage. Your dog or cat can be easily attracted to the smell or sight of food and drinks. In their quest for a tasty treat or a curious investigation, they may knock over your cup of coffee or glass of water, spilling it onto your laptop keyboard, phone, or tablet. To avoid such incidents, don’t forget your snacks or drinks near your devices when you’re done using them.

Use protective cases

Getting protective cases for your devices, especially for your phone and tablet, is a smart decision since they can protect your device from minor impacts, as well as from the wear and tear of daily use. While protective cases can provide a certain level of protection against pet-related accidents, it’s important to note that they can’t entirely eliminate the risk of damage every time your pet gets their paws on your devices. So, although they can be helpful, don’t rely only on protective cases; instead, consider taking additional measures to keep your devices safe.

Get device insurance

Sometimes, no matter how careful you are, accidents can still happen. In such cases, having device insurance can make all the difference. Worth Ave. Group’s device insurance plans cover accidental damage, including damage caused by pets. Being protected with an insurance plan for your phone, laptop, or tablet means you don’t have to worry about costly repairs or replacements for pet-related damages. If your cat pushes your phone off the table and shatters its screen, or your dog knocks over a glass of water on your laptop and it stops working, your insurance provider will get your device repaired or replaced quickly.

Pet-related accidents happen more often than you think, so don’t underestimate the potential damage your beloved dog or cat can do your phone, tablet, or laptop at any moment. Protect your devices from drops, cracks, and spills with reliable and affordable insurance solution and discover the peace of mind that comes with knowing your tech is covered. See all the benefits of our device insurance plans and get a free quote!