TwitterIt happens. My relative is a retired police officer and he claims it's ongoing. I do it when I'm driving around and I see a driver do something and immediately say "well, they must be x". Now the internets are doing it!

What is it you ask? Profiling.

When I think of Twitter I know it's a different audience than Facebook's. But just how different is it? Is Twitter the hipster guy riding his bike, wearing skinny jeans and drinking a Starbucks? Or is Twitter a high school sophomore girl that Tweets OMG more than any other combination of letters, ever? How does that differ from people on Facebook?

Beelove, a social media monitoring form closely looked at 36 million Twitter profiles and they released the findings. It's a very interesting article that would be worth your time so go and check it out.

The overall finding's are this: The average user is a 28-year-old female who owns an iPhone, has 208 Twitter followers, tweets about fashion and family, prefers the color purple and loves, loves, loves using the word "love" in her social media posts.

Other interesting things from this article:

  • • On average, a million active users have tweeted at least a billion times over the last 3 years
  • • Only 0.45% of Twitter users disclose their age
  • • United States has the highest number of Twitter users at 51%
  • • 6 out of 100 twitter users have no followers
  • • Female twitter users outnumber males till the age of 25. But after age 35, female users start dwindling relative to males
  • • 32% of users still tweet from their web browsers