Jeepers y'all, did you see the iPad Mini announcement from Apple yesterday? I mentioned how excited I was in a recent post about it coming out and it certainly has garnered quite a bit of buzz, mostly about the negatives.

The new iPad Mini is the latest tablet from Apple. It's in the 7" tablet market and will compete with the Kindle Fire HD, Nook HD, Nexus 7, old Kindle and the Microsoft Surface. The area it's going to lose to those guys is in price. It's $130 more than the two other best selling tablets - Kindle Fire HD and Nook HD, coming in at $329.

The Nook HD and Kindle HD both have higher screen resolutions than the iPad Mini. If you care about screen resolution, and let's be honest don't we all, it's a drastic difference. Mini's resolution is 1024x780 compare to Kindle Fire HD 1280x800 and Nook HD (1440x900).

Plus it doesn't have the Retina display, really? If you're used to seeing a high quality screen from the iPad 3, other tablets or even your computer, it'll feel like going from your 55" HDTV to a 27" non-HDTV. Doesn't sound fun.

Sure the iPad Mini is fast as can be, will have access to the ka-jillion apps in the App Store, will look cool and be a great working device but is downsizing and paying more the right thing?

This Apple fan-boy is skeptical. But I'd still like to own one.