Since we're a mac family I often forget there's other manufacturer's out there in electronics. Doesn't Apple do everything for everyone? I kid, but truly when I hear news that Microsoft is going to release a tablet, I take note.

I wrote recently that there was another tablet on the market, now Microsoft muddies that water.

The Surface, set to on sale October 26th, will be the giant's first tablet. It looks awesome. Much like my buddy's Windows 7 phone, I imagine it'll operate the same way.

It'll start at $499, which paralell's iPad and will have a slightly larger screen. The coolest initial thing to me is it'll have a keyword, which also will serve as it's cover. I wonder if a cover will help it's durability and hopefully won't be as fragile as iPad's. The biggest drawback to the keyboard will be if you truly want a keyboard, like I'm typing on now that makes a sound and can actually press a button, you'll need to buy a seperate Type Cover.

Check back later after the launch and we'll post customer's findings about it.

And with every other tablet out there, yes we do provide the best insurance available. Heck, we even cover my kid's LeapPad, which is a much less-expensive "iPad for kids".