To quote a Marv Albert famous saying, Twitter was "On Fire!" last night. What may you ask was the reason is probably a silly question, but it was a result of the Presidential Election.

November 6, 2012 became Twitter's biggest political event ever, which is astounding to me. Tweets were flying at records speed of more than 327,000 per minute. Seriously, that's a lot of people on their computer or their phones rejoicing, complaining and stating their views.

On the other big-social network, Facebook, the top terms yesterday morning were "vote", "vote" and "go vote". I can attest to my newsfeed being filled up with variations of those words.

Google was busy too before the final outcome, with top search terms of "election results", "exit polls", "election news" and "who's winning the election". After the election was called, "Obama wins" went to number one.

Overall, about 2/3rds of all Americans - that's over 200,000,000 people, are all socially engaged. Doing the math is easy to see how Twitter was "On Fire!". I'd love to know how many Fail Whale / Twitter is down messages appeared.

Gotta go now as I've thought of some new Tweets about last night's election. But I leave you with this clip as it's what most American's are saying today.

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