New YearIt's that time of year. Time to get rid of old bad habits. Time to make resolutions for the New Year. Of course, the most popular one has always been and will always be, losing weight/getting more fit. There are others, like stop smoking, save money, get out of debt - you've heard them all. But have you thought about technology resolutions?

I started my resolutions last week and it was kind of by accident. First thing I did was unsubscribe from tons of emails that were filling my inbox. I mean I only read them once in a blue moon and if I ever needed to know what's on sale at Banana Republic or at Home Depot, I can always go look myself. Novel idea I know.

But all my ramblings got me thinking, what are some other ones that we could all do together? That would save us time and possible frustration? I've listed a few below. What are your thoughts on what you will do?

Update your password and not use the same one for everything. I know it can be daunting to remember multiple passwords but it's certainly safer that way.

Stop texting while driving. This is something we should all adhere to, including the person typing this now.

Facebook privacy settings. Understand the always-changing settings.If you are tired of always seeing things in your newsfeed, like every song that Sally plays on Spotify or wonder if people can see every photo you post - go check it out and take control.

Love the Cloud. No matter what 'cloud' you're using, make sure your stuff is backed up. Many people get burned thinking it is and whammo, they lost everything.

As I mentioned above, get rid of Inbox-Clutter by unsubscribing to communication that you don't need. Learn something new about what you use daily. Whether it's keyboard shortcuts, tips and tricks for your iPhone, Photoshop shortcuts, etc.

For iPhone users, start using FaceTime. It makes talking on the phone so much more enjoyable being able to see their face. Unless you're my kids and they can't hold the iPhone in one place which causes me to get a headache. :)

Donate those old devices you aren't using because they are slow and out-dated. Someone out there would love to have your first generation iPhone.

Happy New Year. May this be the best year yet!